Image represents the RV motor home coach diagnosis and field repair of the hydraulic cylinder pressure system as may typically be performed in northern New Mexico by Two Bears RV Roadside Repair Service.

Experiencing puddles of fluid beneath your RV? If those puddles are clear or nearly clear, the leak is most likely from a hydraulic cylinder or from one of the hoses within the hydraulic system. When we’re called to assist RVers, diagnosing a leak from the RV’s hydraulic system is usually a simple recognition. The difficult task can lie in locating of the exact source of the leak as sometimes the fluid runs along structural components before it reveals itself below the under belly of the RV. If you need roadside repair for your RV’s hydraulic components, give RV Repair New Mexico a call. We can dispatch mobile mechanic technicians to your location and get your system back in operation almost as quickly as you can put together your favorite, on-the-road dinner salad topped with your own, vacation specialty, olive oil dressing.

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If your RV, coach or 5th wheel travel trailer is on the road experiencing a leaking hydraulic cylinder or is exhibiting less than optimal function with the operation of the hydraulic system, the problem could lead to further degradation of the hydraulic system as well as contribution to the contamination of the environment. Driver observable symptoms of such a condition can be one or more of the following:

  • Hydraulic oil may be dripping or squirting from the piston rod end of the cylinder
  • Hydraulic fluid in the reservoir could have recently needed refilling with a larger than normal volume of fluid or you may notice it needs refilling more frequently than is typical
  • Slow operation – Longer cycle times. i.e., your pop-out takes unusually long to pop out or retract

If the hydraulic activated components of your RV have slowed and you have observed any of the above symptoms, RV Repair New Mexico’s Mobile Roadside Repair can assist you at your current location and get your system back into top form.


The following disassembly sequence is typical of what RV Repair New Mexico would perform when the seal is leaking in the cylinder’s gland (end cap).

Source and purchase the rebuild kit from the number stamped either in the gland or cylinder housing.

Brace the weight of the implement (RV pop-out, trailer bed, RV frame, etc.) that the cylinder moves in & out, back & forth or up & down by moving it to a resting position. If moving it to the resting position conceals the hydraulic cylinder from access for repair or if it cannot be moved to the resting position, support its weight by solidly bracing it in its current position or in another position that ensures it is steady.

Release all pressure from the cylinder. Loosening or removing all of the hydraulic lines from the cylinder will help to remove all pressure stored in the cylinder.

Remove the gland. If access room is not adequate, pulling the pin from the piston rod can assist in providing more room.

Unscrew the gland (end cap) from the cylinder. Tapping the gland removal tool with a sand filled mallet can assist in breaking the gland loose. Completely unscrew the gland and if possible, remove it from the cylinder.

Pull the piston rod from the cylinder. Support cylinder housing with a boom, hoist, winch or other mechanism.

Return the rod end of the piston rod back into its pin connection. Unscrew the piston rod retaining bolt. Heat it if it appears it won’t loosen due to thread locker having been applied. Be careful to not get the piston too hot.

Inspect the piston rod for possible surface imperfections that could cause premature failure of new seals. Do the same for the interior of the cylinder to rule out premature failure of new o-rings.

Remove the o-rings and seals from the gland and piston. Clean each groove.

Reassembly – Replace O-Rings & Seals

Carefully seat each new o-ring and seal.

Reassemble in reverse order, returning the piston to the rod with thread locker, oil all parts and return the piston back into the cylinder housing.

Screw the gland back into the cylinder (without thread locker). Reattach hydraulic lines. If the system requires bleeding, properly bleed it.

Perform all tightening of bolts, etc. according to specifications.


Check to make sure there are no leaks while cycling the hydraulic activated component (wall, jack, steps, leveler) in & out, up & down or back & forth. Keep an eye on any system related hoses or lines and then be sure to observe the complete system during future operation until you are convinced it no longer leaks.

If you are experiencing problematic hydraulic system symptoms, RV Repair New Mexico’s RV Roadside Repair can assist you. We can also repair any mechanical activated slide out or pop-out, A/C, refrigerator, hot water heater, steps, plumbing, heating, doors, awning, electrical & more.

We provide mechanic field repairs. We will repair RV brakes, battery issues, tires, radiator, air lines, hydraulics, fuel delivery systems, electrical components, control module & engine diagnostics. We provide structural steel and aluminum welding and fabricating repairs. Our Lock-Out Service can get you back in your RV when you’re locked out.

Operating now for over 30 years providing emergency mobile roadside RV auto repair, service and assistance for New Mexico’s recreational vehicles. If your vehicle is in an RV park, on the roadside, highway or interstate and in need of repair, RV Repair New Mexico will get you back on the road fast.

RV Repair New Mexico’s Emergency Roadside Repair provides industry standard maintenance and repair services for RVs on the highways and interstates in the region of northern New Mexico.

Payment for repairs accepted in US dollars, USD. Payments can be made with cash, check or credit card.

RV Repair New Mexico serves northern New Mexico.

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RV Repair New Mexico offers repair services as breakdown repair for brake repair service, battery repair service, electrical repair service, tire repair service, radiator repair service, welding steel repair service and more. RV Repair New Mexico also offers repair services as RV coach fifth wheel travel trailer assistance for lock-out service, vehicle operation assistance service and roadside maintenance assistance service.
The RV Repair New Mexico telephone number is (111) 222-3333. Price range for labor is $135.00 per hour. The office postal address is 634 RV Repair Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico of the United States with the postal code of 87506. RV Repair New Mexico accepts currency in U.S. dollars, USD; as cash, check and credit card. RV Repair New Mexico serves the area of northern New Mexico including the city, town or pueblo of Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Espanola, Pojoaque, White Rock, Glorieta, Chama, Taos, Raton, Springer, Bernalillo, Cimarron, Las Vegas, Santa Rosa, Costilla, Dulce, Cuba, Gallup, Grants, Farmington, Cuervo, Prewitt, Tucumcari, Clovis, Des Moines, Clayton, Vaughn, Clines Corners and San Acacia, New Mexico of the United States among the many other cities in northern New Mexico.
RV Repair New Mexico serves the area in northern New Mexico along the corridor of Interstate 25, I-25, Interstate 40, I-40, U.S. Route 54, US 54, U.S. Route 56, US 56, U.S. Route 60, US 60, U.S. Route 64, US 64, U.S. Route 84, US 84, U.S. Route 87, US 87, U.S. Route 285, US 285, U.S. Route 412, US 412, U.S. Route 491, US 491 and U.S. Route 550, US 550.
The RV Repair New Mexico contact point for customer service is by email at rvrepairnewmexicoroadside @ or by telephone at (111) 222-3333. The RV Repair New Mexico DUNS number is 000000000. The Geo Coordinates of the RV Repair New Mexico office are latitude: 00.000000 and longitude: -000.000000.